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Our Standard Practices

Vacation Rental Managers Association of Washington State (VRMAWA)

Standard Practices 


The Vacation Rental Managers Association of Washington State (VRMAWA) exists to serve its property owners, its vacation rental customers and its communities in a way that benefits all. VRMAWA members seek to conduct their vacation rental practices ethically and wisely in accordance with the Articles on VRMAWA Standard Practices set forth below.

These Articles establish guidelines. All VRMAWA members shall strive to raise the standards of the vacation rental industry, providing value and service to the owners,customers, and to the communities that each agency serves.


ARTICLE 1: Occupancy

VRMAWA members shall limit the number of occupants according to the size of the home and local ordinances.


ARTICLE 2: Qualifications

VRMAWA members and property owners may establish guest qualifications relating to minimum age and whether pets are allowed and agree to publish the same information accurately.


ARTICLE 3: Advertising

VRMAWA members shall accurately advertise the quality of each property and provide adequate information, including limitations and deficiencies, on each property that will enable a guest to make a satisfactory choice.


ARTICLE 4: Parking

VRMAWA members shall limit the number of cars allowed at each property in accordance with local ordinances.


ARTICLE 5: Pricing

VRMAWA members shall publish all rates and extra fees accurately and make these rates available to all guests prior to arrival. Members agree to fully disclose all other fees and taxes that apply to every guest reservation.


ARTICLE 6: Housekeeping

VRMAWA members shall provide for thorough cleaning of each home after each rental departure and to provide for, at minimum, an annual deep clean of every rental property under management.


ARTICLE 7: Repair and Maintenance

VRMAWA members shall maintain each property at the highest standard possible and to commit to a regular preventative maintenance program. Members agree to respond in a timely fashion to any and all needed repairs.


ARTICLE 8: Emergency Contact and Business Hours

VRMAWA members shall publish their contact information, normal business hours, and emergency contact information at each property


ARTICLE 9: Customer Service

VRMAWA members shall provide the best possible customer service, responding to questions, requests and problems in a timely manner.


ARTICLE 10: Deposits, Payments and Cancellation Policies

VRMAWA members shall publish their deposit, payment, and cancellation policies clearly, and agree to a timely return of any deposits and agreed upon refunds.


ARTICLE 11: Trash Management

VRMAWA members shall agree to adequate containment and timely removal of all trash from every property under management.


ARTICLE 12: Damages

VRMAWA members shall publish all policies relating to damage. Members shall provide a statement detailing damages and related expenses to guests in a timely manner.


ARTICLE 13: Good Neighbor Commitment

VRMAWA members agree to a “Good Neighbor” policy in the management of their vacation rental properties by minimizing impact on neighborhoods. In conjunction with the above Articles, Members shall publish established quiet hours for all properties.


ARTICLE 14: Owner Disbursements

VRMAWA members agree to provide thorough statements and timely payment to each property owner under contract with each agency.

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